What does bb stand for in gay dating

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What Do These Gay Slang Terms Mean?

Read what means the definition of BB and Bareback. How to use in gay dating? So, Bareback and BB means sexual intercourse without the use of a condom.

Queer sex slang: Know it or beware – QNotes

Like any subculture, there is a lingo associated with gay hookup culture. One example of such lingo is bare back sex which refers to a particular type of gay sex. BB is Bareback sex without a condom. BB gay sex is when men have sex with each other without using a condom.

The term comes from the horseriding term bare back, which refers to riding a horse without a saddle.

In this analogy to sex, the saddle refers to a condom. BB sex therefore, is sex that occurs with skin to skin contact, much like a rider riding a horse bare back sits directs on the horse with no seat in between.

Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

In BB gay sex, a man and his male partner will have skin to skin sex either anally or orally, however, most often it refers to anal sex. Or put another way it means that the penetrating partner has sex with his partner without a using condom. As with most slang terms, it was used informally for some time before it was documented.

During this time, many gay men would use codes and symbols to signal to other gay men that they were open to gay sex, including bare back sex. It is likely BB as a slang term for bare back came into popularity around this time. There are many reasons why gay men might want to have this kind of gay sex.

They might consider the skin to skin contact to be more intimate. This would mean that the penetrating partner would likely ejaculate inside their partner, and the couple may feel this is more erotic. Or perhaps the prefer bare back due to an allergy to latex or some other aversion to using condoms. When done, this can make BB a much less risky behavior.

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