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  1. California man ordered to stand trial in January stabbing death of Penn sophomore | PhillyVoice
  2. CBS airs film on former Penn student Blaze Bernstein and his alleged killer in '48 Hours' episode
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  4. Accused Killer Sent Photos of Dead Gay Men to Grindr Contacts

Robinson ruled that there is, and she ordered Woodward to return to court September 17, the Southern California News Group reports. The content is part of a larger set of homophobic and anti-Semitic materials found on Woodward's phone, reports the Associated Press. Woodward, who was a high school classmate of Bernstein's, had extensive content related to the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen on his cell phone; his screen saver was the group's insignia.

The phone also had statements from Woodward that he enjoyed posing a "bi curious" to trick men into communicating with him, writing, "That's what they deserve. Bernstein, who was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, was invited during winter vacation last January to meet with Woodward for what the victim expected was a hookup.

Woodward's defense lawyer, Edward Munoz, told the court that Woodward was a socially inept, autistic, and sexually questioning young man, and that the hate-crime enhancement was not warranted because his "Diary of Hate" was not made public. During the hearing, forensic scientist Corrie Maggay testified that bloodstains found on a knife blade found in Woodward's bedroom and on the visor of his car closely match Bernstein's genetic material.

The chance of the blood belonging to anyone other than the victim is one in a trillion, she said.

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There is no love like the love of a grandparent for a grandchild. And so it was for Leah and Richard Bernstein, and their grandson Blaze. Leah Bernstein: I feel that he lives in our heart.

California man ordered to stand trial in January stabbing death of Penn sophomore | PhillyVoice

And every night I have a difficult time going to sleep because I always think of him before I go to sleep. The evidence marking the loss of that soul was revealed when the heavens opened up and the rain came down. If not the rain, we would have never known what happened to him … The person that murdered him made like a, you know And in Woodward's car, according to the D.

The blood on the headliner belonged to both Sam Woodward and Blaze Bernstein. There was a knife … The knife had blood on it … Blaze Bernstein's blood on the knife. I don't -- I don't even wanna know because I'm not gonna like that answer. But it's "the why" Blaze was murdered that makes an unbearable loss almost unspeakable. And as with those 11 people slaughtered in a Pittsburgh synagogue , transforms the murder of Blaze Bernstein into a national issue. It's very alarming that this is happening … This is atrocious hate.

It's just right there. Jake Hanrahan: Sam Woodward was … absolutely, definitely … a member of Atomwaffen Division. For Hanrahan, the arrest of Woodward brought an awful confirmation: Atomwaffen was right at home glorifying an accused killer. Oh yeah.

They made T-shirts using Sam Woodward's mug shot. Hanrahan had been reporting on Atomwaffen for nearly two years.

CBS airs film on former Penn student Blaze Bernstein and his alleged killer in '48 Hours' episode

They weren't all that hard to find. Hanrahan obtained their secret chat logs and first made note of an angry college dropout, Sam Woodward. The man Hanrahan introduced "48 Hours" to wouldn't tell us his name or dare to show his face. He claims to have been a member of Atomwaffen for more than a year. I joined Atomwaffen because of the militancy and the brotherhood that they offered.

It was like a camaraderie type of feeling … common interests. And those interests were hating other groups, hating Jews, hating gays, hating blacks? Joanna Mendelson Anti-Defamation League: This is some of the most intense and some of the most extreme rhetoric that I've seen in a long time. Atomwaffen began in Florida in The group believes that the so-called alt-right that converged at the violent demonstration in Charlottesville doesn't go nearly far enough.

They don't even like to be associated with the alt right at all. They hate the Alt Right. Their rhetoric and their ideology is white supremacy on steroids … In fact, the name of Atomwaffen translates in German to atomic weapon. According to investigators, Sam Woodward, a privileged upper middle class kid from Southern California, was drawn to this ideology -- drawn to Atomwaffen's heroes: Did I think that like, this guy was going to do something like this?

Honestly, I wasn't surprised. And by , Sam Woodward, at times sporting his absurd Atomwaffen mask, attended their version of a corporate retreat. Hate camps have occurred across the country, involving Atomwaffen members. They talk about cutting telephone wires and power grids. And shutting down the system. A system that they detest. They want to kill, obviously, first and foremost Jews.

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They want to kill gays. There were people congratulating this accused killer, for what he has done, killing my son. Congratulating him. They call him the gay, the one-man gay, Jew wrecking ball. You know, like kind of reveling in this idea that he's killed this gay, Jewish kid. Everyone in Atomwaffen believes Jewish people just need to be wiped off the face of the earth. As the story unfolded that the murder was related to homophobia and anti-Semitism, well then the anger in the community and the anxiety ratcheted up. Do you think that Blaze was murdered because he was gay, and because he was Jewish?

Permission has been granted for the ugliest kind of racism, anti-Semitism, immigrant bashing and hatred. We used to monitor these groups that lurked in the shadows. But today they are emerging front and center. But we should have. Because we're a perfect target for that group. A perfect target for today's Nazi, just as Blaze's grandma Leah, a Holocaust survivor, was so many years ago.

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  • Accused Killer Sent Photos of Dead Gay Men to Grindr Contacts.
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A little Jewish girl forced by Hitler's Nazis to wear a yellow star. Clear across the country from where Sam Woodward morphed into an Atomwaffen Nazi, Nick Giampa grew up with his own set of insecurities and issues that eventually led him to find Atomwaffen's online propaganda. By the time he was in second grade Nicholas wasn't your ordinary little boy.

Nick's sister Emily and her husband Chris stuck by Nick. They say he was bipolar and suffered from other psychological issues. He was in one school in the second grade, another school in the third grade, another school in the fourth grade. I think it was eight or nine different schools.

Accused Killer Sent Photos of Dead Gay Men to Grindr Contacts

He thought he was invisible. He said, "Nobody ever sees me. Nobody ever calls my phone. A perfect profile to be vulnerable to the postings of a hate group. Still, in his junior year of high school, Nick's life changed in a positive way. It was such a self confidence boost, like "Wow, I found someone that loves me. Nick had his first-ever girlfriend, a classmate. Deb Merriner: She was always learning, always wanting to see if she could figure out how to serve people better. Buckley Kuhn Fricker was a lawyer-turned-advocate for the elderly.

Deb Merriner was her assistant. They were amazing parents.

Parents Of Murdered UPenn Student Blaze Bernstein Speak Out - TODAY

Justin Jouvenal Washington Post crime reporter: It was three days before Christmas. Justin Jouvenal: And I got a call from the office very early in the morning, saying that there had been this horrific double murder in a fairly upscale neighborhood just outside of D. Washington Post crime reporter Justin Jouvenal would learn about the rich family values of Scott and Buckley and the bankrupt ideology of Atomwaffen. So I jumped in my car early that morning and made my way out to the neighborhood and began reporting on what happened. According to Nick Giampa's own family, just hours earlier, Nick grabbed a gun from his home, and drove to the Fricker's home.

There was yellow crime tape up around the house … There were snowflakes on the house. Christmas wreathes. Buckley and Scott Fricker had been shot to death in their own home, likely in front of their year-old daughter -- Nick Giampa's first girlfriend. The daughter was not shot. But Nick Giampa was in the house, still alive after allegedly shooting himself through the skull. A trail of blood led to Atomwaffen. Nick Giampa allegedly killed his girlfriend's parents because they found out about his white supremacist beliefs.

The daughter agreed to stop seeing her boyfriend. Buckley, a concerned and involved mom, had confronted her daughter after discovering Nick's retweets of Atomwaffen on her daughter's phone. The teenage girl had nothing to do with Atomwaffen, but Nick was sharing their racist posts. Very slick propaganda, which they've pushed out via social media, that's been picked up by people who are, you know perhaps, vulnerable. If you're looking at their propaganda … they're seeking to attract ostracized youth and outcast youth. Especially … white kids that are just bullied. That was just him trying to get a rise outta people on the internet … And that's what he did.