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But they are generous.

RockBottom's Reviews

I personally feel badly for fans, because they seem so sad. Especially the ones who can give you details of every scene you've been in. The three scenes I did were a solo, and two fuck scenes. The shoots are long and boring.


I didn't like my final fuck scene. I was paired with this guy who had to constantly remind me that he was straight and was only doing this so he could move to get into MMA. The cum was real in my three scenes. And they do treat you really nice. I've heard horror stories about studio porn, people should stay the fuck away from that. Absolutely true about Brian and Splash.

Rhodes gay escort

Same deal with Jaime at Twilo, but terrible shifts after hours where no one drank. Another popular tact was to put a hot guy on the bar for training with no intention of hiring them. This happened to me in HK in a martini bar. You're such a fucking liar.

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Virtually all the responses in this thread are bullshit. It's a bunch of scripted fundie talk. Now get back to praying with rattlesnakes. I saw Adam Faust do this when he arrived as a random hookup for some slutty bottom on Cam4 a few weeks before he died. Have a good day, thanks for the never ending insults on this site, very heartwarming. I used to double as a stunt cock for straight film.

My job was to jerk off and supply the ejaculation. Pay no mind to them R55, there's always a few here who try play 'tough cynic' by lazily accusing half of DL of lying. I guess it makes them feel masc for once. You don't need that when your anus will naturally stretch as you entertain longer and thicker cocks.

For example, have you seen the recent scene between Cutler X and Nate Grimes? Nate's hole is beat for the gods; wrecked about five different ways. That huge cock slid right in balls-deep with the first stroke, without any sign of discomfort on Nate's part.

And you know those guys don't use much lube either. Not to mention that no one with a medical licence would ever perform that procedure so do you get it done in a back alley? How ridiculous. The story's either a lie or that photographer was messing with him because he wouldn't put out. Guys can stretch their anus to fit two mega dongs, traffic cones, or fists up their asses without having to do surgery.

All it takes is a little bit of training.. That's like that myth that in order to give the best blowjob you have to pull out your teeth by a dentist, get yourself dentures, and then pull out your dentures when you give a blowjob. I don't know if it's true, it's what I heard. I agree.

Bottom line; Who is paying for such a procedure? Even if it's being done outside of the US. Most of these guys are barely getting by and I can't imagine Michael Lucas ponying up the money for a performer to get such a procedure done in hopes of getting compensated later. Do Go-Go Boy Bodybuilders escort typically? Curious if the lines blur or NOT? I don't know about typically but there are those that most definitely do. I know two here in NYC that do.

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I suppose that is true of "some". The following short 11 minutes happens more than people would like to admit Lateral internal sphincterotomy involves stretching or cutting the internal sphincter, the muscle that restricts and relaxes when stool passes from the body. Cutting the muscle prevents spasm and temporarily weakens the muscles, and this in turn helps the area to heal. The surgeon removes the fissure and any underlying scar tissue.

The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, which involves injecting the immediate area with a numbing agent similar to that used at the dentist's office, or spinal anesthesia, which numbs the entire lower body.

Muscle Worship Gay Porn Videos for Free | xHamster

In some cases, general anesthesia may be used, which renders the patient unconscious. The choice of anesthesia depends on patient and physician preference, the patient's health, and the standard practice of the particular facility. The patient is positioned on the table so that the anus and rectal area are exposed.

This can be done face down, with the buttocks slightly elevated, or supine on the back with the legs held up in stirrups. After anesthesia is administered, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. The operation takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The wound is then sutured closed, usually with stitches that dissolve in time. Most patients can go home the same day. It's normally done as a surgical treatment for anal fissures. Who knows, there are plenty gay surgeons out there who might do it on the QT. Remember, Al Parker found some surgeon who surgically reconstructed a foreskin or a reasonable facsimile for him late in his career.

Considering some of the criminal plastic surgery results we see in the media day after day it's not so hard to believe some surgeon would do this for a guy who wants to take the biggest cocks available. People who care enough for their health not to work for studios that do not test as a condition of employment tend not to get STDs. Those who are willing to work with untested partners either are so reckless they are at very high risk, or have nothing to worry about because they already have STDs.

Perhaps this person has had their Outer Sphincter abused by the surgeons for the purposes of display. While that can be true R78 it still doesn't make sense. Who pays for such a surgery and where are they getting the money? Also, don't you think that guys would rather get their nose, eyes, chins, etc done before they get their ass done if the money presented itself?

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  • A lot of these guys get trips, various gifts and they can be expensive ones too , clothing, an apartment paid for, and other stuff on that level. But, although anything is possible , I've never heard of anyone's ass surgery being paid for simply to accommodate larger objects. But, that definitely doesn't cover the rent, food, etc in Manhattan.

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    Therefore many of them have 6 or 7 "boyfriends" that compensate for everything else. My analoger revealed something similar to me, but it was less precise than that and could have been open to interpretation. If you're a porn star with some type of name, like an Austin Wolf, you can negotiate to get a cut of the door and not have to pay anything to the organizer for some dance review since you would be a "special appearance".

    But, the other dancers usually have to pay the organizer a fee for allowing them to dance. It's easy to be a success when you're an attractive man with at least an average intelligence. So why would anyone want to go into porn? Two main reasons:.